The end of one month...

It’s the end of the central badge month! We have seen lots of activities and ideas this month for how you can help your young people achieve the YouShape central badge. Our Youth Commissioners have also been getting involved, here’s what Sam Gilchrist (DYC, Tewkesbury) said:

After doing some youth shaped scouting with some Tewkesbury Beavers we have a whole board full of ideas to work into their program.

We pulled this together as part of a different kind of log chew where young people write down their ideas on pieces of paper, screw them up and have a snowball fight. After a few minutes of fun the young people pick up the snowballs and read out each others ideas. This is a great way to get your young people to plan out what kind of activities they want to do while having lots of fun!’

It’s great to hear what you guys have been up to – maybe we’ll hear from you next month? Keep an eye out for the first Plan activity next Tuesday and until then…

Keep Scouting!

The Youth Commissioner Team