Transforming Scouts - Readiness checklists

Preparing Scouting locally

Scouts have created readiness checklists for Counties, Districts and Groups as have been discussed in various calls in recent months.

These checklists will help you measure local readiness for the new digital system and processes.

Each checklist covers tasks that should be completed before we go-live with the new digital system to ensure a smooth transition. You might not yet be able to complete some of the tasks yet as the information is not yet available (for example, the new permit application process), but information will be added to the supporting guidance webpage once ready.

Each checklist is made of statements you can track, and see to what degree they match what’s happening in your patch. It’s completely flexible and can be tailored. You could for example:

  • Simplify the language
  • Share currently achievable tasks, and introduce the others later
  • Share a version with ‘Important’ tasks with your Districts and Groups first
  • Add tasks relevant to your County