Snowball Fight

  • Pose the question you would like the answer to, such as:
    • What do you like about (insert section here)?
    • What do you not like about (insert section here)?
    • What is a new skill you would like to learn?
    • What is an activity you would love to do?
    • What badge would you like to earn?
    • Make up a question
  • Hand out paper and pens to all young people.
  • Get the young people to write down their answer and then crumple up the paper into ‘snowballs’.
  • Setting up the zone, get the young people to throw the balls of paper at each other as if they were having a snowball fight. If they have any more ideas, encourage them to get another piece of paper and write it down.
  • After time has passed, stop the snowball fight and make sure everyone has at least one snowball (doesn’t matter whose it is)
  • Ask the young people to share what’s written on theirs and prompt a conversation about it if needed.
  • Make sure all young people feel their voice is heard by asking if anyone has anything else to add.
Prompting questions
  • Does anybody want to explain the idea?
  • Do you have any examples?
  • Who agrees?
  • Who disagrees?
  • How might we make this happen?

Section: All

Duration: 10-15 minutes (could be longer if you have discussions about the ideas generated)

No. of Young People: Any (good to do as a whole section)

  • Pieces of paper (white makes them look more like snowballs but any colour will do!)
  • Pens/ pencils
What next?
  • Repeat the snowball fights when appropriate, for example log chews at the start of each term, planning for camps, weekend activities
  • Put into practice the ideas and suggestions that came from the young people
  • For the older sections, ask if anyone would like to be involved more in making an idea happen.