In the wise words of Baden-Powell, Scouts are encouraged to “try and leave this world a little better than you found it.” Embracing this ethos wholeheartedly, the Beavers from 1st Woodmancote have embarked on a mission to do just that, making a meaningful difference in both our community and the wider world over the past couple of weeks.

Acer Colony, with their passion for environmental stewardship, took to the streets to clean up our village and tackle littering head-on. Armed with litter pickers and determination, they diligently collected litter, ensuring that every item was either recycled or disposed of safely, thanks to the support of Tewkesbury Borough Council. Their efforts not only beautified our local surroundings but also served as a powerful reminder of the importance of caring for our planet.

Meanwhile, Oak Colony demonstrated the true spirit of service by lending a helping hand at the North Cotswold Foodbank. With empathy and compassion, they sorted and packaged food parcels, providing much-needed support to individuals and families in our community facing food insecurity. Their selfless actions embody the Scout values of kindness and generosity, making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Not to be outdone, Birch Colony embraced creativity and innovation in their fundraising efforts for Twin a Toilet, a cause dedicated to improving sanitation facilities in underserved communities. Through their unique “sponsored poo” initiative, they not only raised funds but also raised awareness about an essential issue often overlooked. Their ingenuity and commitment to making a difference showcase the power of youth-driven initiatives in effecting positive change.

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, let us be inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of the Beavers of 1st Woodmancote. Their actions remind us that no act of kindness is too small, and that together, we can indeed leave this world a little better than we found it.