Nominations for Gloucestershire Scouts’ Hero Award

We invite you to participate in this year’s prestigious Gloucestershire Scouts’ Hero Award. This esteemed award, established in memory of Roger Tovey, a former County Treasurer, is a testament to the exceptional contributions of our Scouting community. It will be bestowed annually upon a member or friend of Scouting who has made a significant impact. 

Who can be nominated for the Hero Award?

Every Gloucestershire Scouts member or friend (both adults and young people) is eligible for this award. We value and appreciate our community’s diverse contributions, and this award is a testament to that. 

Reasons for the nomination may be because someone has:

  • Been involved in a massive fundraising effort
  • Supported an individual or member of the community
  • Supported local scouting
  • Shown fantastic citizenship
  • Overcome adversity
  • Completed something amazing that you want to tell us about

Who can nominate someone for the Hero Award, and how?

Any Gloucestershire Scouts member can nominate someone they think is a hero.

A subcommittee will consider nominations, and an announcement will be made at the County AGM each September.