Everything we do as a volunteer in Scouting should be aimed at doing one thing, delivering Inspiring Programmes to as many young people as possible.
This will enable us to achieve our County Vision for 2020 as well as the Vision for Scouting

Depending on the role we do, we are either responsible for:

  • Delivering a high quality, balanced and inspiring programme to young people
  • or
  • Supporting and enabling the amazing adults we have, that deliver high quality, balanced and inspiring programmes to young people.

We want to provide enough spaces for every young person that wants to join Scouting in Gloucestershire. 

This means working together to;

  • Looking at where we can open new groups or sections especially where Scouting does not exist already in hard-to-reach areas
  • Reducing waiting lists by opening additional sections
  • Ensuring that there are no small sections

Image as presented by our Chief Commissioner for England at our AGM in 2019