Transforming Scouts


Since the Skills for Life Strategy was launched in 2018, the steps taken by you and volunteers in Sections, Units, Groups, Districts, Counties, Areas and Regions across the UK have helped to equip many more young people with skills for life through our amazing programme, supported by incredible volunteers just like YOU.

During the pandemic, things changed and we couldn’t carry on as normal. In Gloucestershire, you rallied and responded to the challenge, adapting Scouting to meet new realities. Doing of all that was tough. 

Today, as we look to the future, with a renewed appreciation that Scouting has never been more needed, it’s time for us to recommit to implementing our Skills for Life strategy. The past 12 months has seen renewed focus and progress on achieving our Vision to continue to given even more young people Skills for life.

To know what the rights things are to do, Scouts have asked over 10,000 people from both within and outside Scouting. They have given their comments, opinions and suggestions as to how we can make volunteering with the Scouts easier and more fun and that’s where we are working hard to move things forward.

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So what does this all mean, what may change?

The programme of changes and enhancements will help Scouting across several areas. We have already seen some of the changes, Squirrel Scouts, introduced in 2021 are the cornerstone of the Early Years pillar.

The next phase will be structured around four focus areas being developed to help with:

This will mean using new digital tools to recruit volunteers and speed up the appointments process. The volunteer is likely to have a more relevant experience during the process for which they will be able to track their progress towards becoming one of our amazing volunteers. When they join us, we will welcome them with a warm welcome conversation instead of an appointments panel.

The creation of a new approach to volunteering at all levels which will improve clarity of roles and simplicity of delivery to support our programme.[/caption]

This will mean further developing our team approach to volunteering. We know teams together can achieve amazing things. To help with clarity for members and non-members we will look at how we name our roles to make it easier for everyone.

 Greater use of digital tools for learning which will mean volunteers have greater control of what and when they complete their learning. 

There will be more optional learning and a change in the composition of the Wood Badge so that it is more relevant to their needs. A reduction in the need for validation will speed up the process from completion to recognition.

A new digital system with a single sign-on giving access to membership information, learning, permits and awards all available through

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Support is just around the corner…

To support you with all of these changes, we have a team of people preparing to support you. We will share updates, visit Districts and help everyone go on this exciting journey together.

The team is made up of a range of volunteers from across the County. They include Godfrey Tarling, Harry Gibbens, Kat Holter, Mark Spiller and Matt Johnson. The team will be supported by our Deputy County Commissioner for Growth and Support – Chris Meadows.

We know too that change can bring uncertainty, discussion, debate, and some resentment, which is inevitable of many changes in which we are working towards. Change does, however, also bring reward, refreshed interest, improvements and hopefully a movement where all of us find our volunteering easier and more fun.

Through the coming months and years we will want to do all that we can to help you feel ready and comfortable with everything that is happening. 

The team supporting Transformation for Gloucestershire Scouts (L-R - Mark, Harry, Kat, Godfrey & Matt)