On St George’s Day weekend, new King (and previously Queen) Scouts converge on Windsor Castle for Celebration and Achievement every year. The day’s centrepieces are run by a group of King or Queen Scouts as part of the Windsor Team of Ten. Six are members of the Colour Party, and four are members of the Service and Delivery Team.

This year, Ryan Hawkins represents Gloucestershire in the Team of Ten. After an intense 24-hour selection weekend, Ryan was selected to be a part of the Service and Delivery Team. Alongside three others and supported by the team leads, he will plan and then deliver the national Scout service for 2024, including theme, content, hymns & much more. This service will be presented to all new King Scout recipients alongside honoured guests in St George’s Chapel situated on the grounds of Windsor Castle. This service is the staple point of the year as it celebrates the achievements of so many young people who have worked so hard for their awards.

Ryan started planning on the second weekend of December, beginning with a private tour of the Chapel by the Verger to allow him and the team to fully understand the importance of and history of the Chapel as part of the service links back to the Chapel itself. The tour goes to many nooks of the Chapel (some of which aren’t open to the public). Progress is certainly well underway with the rest of the weekend dedicated to brainstorming and putting a theme to the service.