Queen's Jubilee celebration badge

Gloucestershire Scouts celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and Cranham Scout Centre’s 75th Anniversary
In recognition of these two brilliant milestones which take place this year, we have launched a Gloucestershire Scouts Jubilee badge which is open to all young people aged 4 – 25 and all adults too! Throughout the coming months we want to give every young people the opportunity and encouragement to learn more about The Queen, Cranham Scout Centre and many of the initiatives surrounding these events.
It all starts with a Badge Design Competition where one lucky winner will have their badge turned into a woven occasional badge which will be approved for wear on everyone’s uniform.

To achieve the badge award a person needs to complete a minimum of 15 challenges from the list below in order to be awarded the badge. When you have completed your 15 challenges, let your leader know so that they can see your great work and order you a badge.

  1. Design a Jubilee badge and send it in for judging. This element is now closed – see entries to the right. ===>>>.
  2. Sleep at the highest point in your District.
  3. Sleep at the lowest point in your District.
  4. Plant a tree for the Jubilee. Go to The Queen’s Green Canopy (www.queensgreencanopy.org) to find out how.
  5. Take part in a tea party celebrating the Jubilee.
  6. Make and eat Coronation chicken.
  7. Coronation Chicken was first served at the Coronation banquet in 1953. Invent a new sandwich filling that could be served at a Jubilee party near you.
  8. Complete a night away in June.
  9. Complete a Jubilee themed evening.
  10. Watch the Coronation of the Queen.
  11. Make Jubilee bunting and help decorate a community building. Which Drey, Colony, Pack, Troop or Unit can make the longest bunting? Let us know and send in a picture.
  12. Make and decorate Jubilee crown biscuits.
  13. Write a Jubilee poem.
  14. Hold a group Jubilee party.
  15. Plan and/or take part in a Jubilee themed camp.
  16. Write a thank you letter or make a thank you card and send it to HM The Queen.
  17. Take part in a Million Hands project.
  18. Build a castle using recycled materials.
  19. Design a poster or mural celebrating 70 years of the Queens reign to put on display.
  20. Over the year, walk or hike 70 miles.
  21. Hold a Jubilee campfire evening.
  22. As a group make a Jubilee scrap book of your events.
  23. Bake 70 (cup) cakes and give them out as random acts of kindness in your local community.
  24. Learn a new game.
  25. Take part in the YouShape Award.
  26. Invite another group or section to join you for a joint activity.
  27. Learn the 1st verse of the National Anthem in sign language.
  28. Time capsule the important things relevant to 2022.
  29. Compare scouting 70 years ago to scouting today.
  30. Have a go at cooking what people ate 70 years ago.
  31. Design and model a stagecoach for the Queen’s celebration.
  32. Find out 70 interesting facts about the Royal family.
  33. Research and hold a themed international evening about one Commonwealth country.
  34. Learn to maypole dance.
  35. Decorate a paper plate with a Jubilee theme.
  36. Design a new outfit for the Queen.
  37. Make contact with a local community group who may have someone who remembers the Coronation, invite them to tell you and your Drey / Colony / Pack / Troop or Unit what they remember of the Coronation day, listen to their stories and learn about how they got to see or hear about it. Do remember to say thank you.
  38. The CC’s Challenge – As a section, A lodge / six / patrol record a short video (maximum 2 mins) showing or explaining what the best thing is that you like doing in your Drey / Colony / Pack / Troop or Unit. Send this to the County Commissioner () and we’ll put in on our website and use it to help attract even more brilliant young people, just like you.
  39. Raise £70 for another charity or good cause that has a Royal Charter or is supported in some way by the Royal Family.
  40. Submit a design for the Challenge badge. (see item 70)
  41. Make a Jubilee crown.
  42. Create a Jubilee quiz and hold a quiz night.
  43. Collect 70 different coins with the Queen’s head on and donate to a charity.
  44. Create a Scouting or Royal game of snakes and ladders.
  45. Fact find how many countries are still in the Commonwealth.
  46. Make a meal fit for a Queen.
  47. “If I were the Queen for a day I would ….” Write a story about how you would live and what you would do if you were the Queen for a day.
  48. Find out what other notable events happened around the world 70 years ago in 1952.
  49. Find out about the history of Cranham Scout Centre and how it has changed over the last 75 years. Why is Daniel’s Grove named as such?
  50. Find a location near where you live that the Queen has visited, where, when and what was the purpose of the visit.
  51. Compose a Jubilee song.
  52. Visit a castle or Royal residence.
  53. Scavenge items that start with the letters “QUEEN ELIZABETH”.
  54. Find out how many Coronation Streets or Roads there are in the UK.
  55. Do 70 chores about the house between now and the Jubilee weekend.
  56. Over 12 months sleep outdoors for 70 nights (which can include family camping holidays).
  57. Take 70 photos of Jubilee celebrations in your area and make a scrapbook or poster of it.
  58. Host a Jubilee celebration.
  59. Arrange some flowers or plants that celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.
  60. Design an eco-friendly residence fit for a ruler of a nation.
  61. Find out and name how many Prime Ministers have served the Queen over her 70-year reign.
  62. Make a “Queen of pudding” dessert.
  63. Have a Royalty themed evening.
  64. Make a structure using 70 items that you recycle at home. Remember to recycle them again afterwards!
  65. Plant 70 seeds or bulbs in the flower / vegetable bed at your headquarters or another public space (get permission first).
  66. Treat an adult that you know like a Queen or King for the day.
  67. Invite a Queen’s Scout to your meeting to talk about their award.
  68. Make contact with Scouts in the one of the other parts of the Commonwealth.
  69. Join in the lighting of a beacon as part of HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons on Thursday 2 June 2022.
  70. Challenge Badge – Do your best Queen impression and email the video to the County Commissioner for a chance to get an extra Challenge Badge.

Badge designs

Queen’s Jubilee celebration badge​ – Activity Passport

The wonderful team at 41st Gloucester have produced this Activity Passport, feel free to make use of it!
(Thanks Gareth)

Entries to the CC’s challenge (item 38)

Look out for videos from Dreys, Colonies, Packs, Troops and Units here…


Badge designs for the challenge badge (item 40)

Could your badge design be appearing here?