YouShape - Keep MARCH-ing on!

Week 3 of March and the Central Badge – it’s been a blast! How are you all getting on? We hope you’ve found the activity examples useful! Let us know on our social media pages!

We thought for this update, we would share a story about running this badge, and the impact it can have. As Youth Commissioners we get to see these badges in action, and just recently we saw a Beaver really want something to be done differently. They felt like they didn’t play enough games. Now, this could have been them simply saying ‘I want to play crab football’, but it wasn’t. The beaver really wanted to share their favourite game with the group and play it with their friends, so the leaders agreed, but took it one step further and had the beaver explain the game to everyone else. The other beavers loved it, the initial beaver felt respected and listened to, and they knew they could then shape their scouting journey. That’s what it is all about!

Keep an eye out for the next couple of activities that are coming out, and then next month it’s on to plan! Don’t forget to let us know what you are getting up to either by email () or on social media using #YouShapeGlos.

Happy Scouting!

The Youth Commissioner Team