We’re proud and excited to welcome the newest section of the Scouts family: Squirrels for 4 to 5 year olds. It’s been 35 years since Scouts launched a new section and this marks a historic moment in the movement’s history. 

Squirrels is all about making an impact and enabling new skills for life at a time when it matters the most. Squirrels follows the steps of our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Explorer sections:

  • Making friends
  • Having fun outdoors
  • Learning new things
  • Earning badges through fun activities

In Gloucestershire, we’re really excited to be launching 2 Squirrel Dreys from September 2021:

“I am super excited to welcome a new section of eager young people into 1st Newent. I am extremely proud of the work the section team has done to make this happen and to be one of the first in Gloucestershire to launch Squirrels.”

Matt Johnson, Group Scout Leader for 1st Newent

We will be looking to open more Dreys across the County but to do this we need volunteers. If you are excited and could spare some time to help us in this historic moment click here. Volunteering is #GoodForYou.

If you are a Group that is interested in opening a Drey please follow the below instructions to express interest:

  1. Group Scout Leader to complete the Readiness Checklist, email the District Commissioner and  
  2. Group Scout Leader to complete the expression of interest form that is submitted to the District
  3. District Commissioner will then approve and HQ will work with the Group Scout Leader to set up the Drey and be part of a Cohort

“As your Patron, I was interested to learn that Squirrels will give 4 and 5 year old children the opportunity to learn important life skills and will also support communities who have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Patron, HRH The Queen

Words from County Commissioner

This is a wonderful opportunity to build on the absolutely brilliant work done by so many volunteers across our county. I have no doubt that the fact that we have a number of people who already want their children to join is a testament to the Inspiring Programmes being delivered across the county. Without this we wouldn’t see the interest, of this I am sure.

We are breaking new ground with this, with the excellent appointment of a Squirrels team, we have some great support in place and we are super excited that two groups in the Forest of Dean are already on their journey to welcoming 4 & 5 year olds to the family.

We do want to see more Squirrels dreys offering excellent Scouting to more young people, but we also recognise that in some areas either we don’t have enough volunteers to support the Scouting we are already doing or your group just might not be ready yet. To this, I say ‘that’s okay’. When your group is ready, please reach out to the Squirrels team and they will help you recruit and get moving on this next stage of growing Scouting.

What we are seeing, which is really exciting, is a number of new volunteers stepping forward willing to join in helping us with Squirrels, it seems that with the promotional activity and the press, it has really got the public excited too.

I encourage all of you to find out more and when you and your group are ready start seeking the support to help you.

Mark Spiller, County Commissioner for Gloucestershire