Gloucestershire goes wild for Squirrels

September 2021 saw the launch of a new Scouts section after 35 years of Beavers launching: Squirrels, for young people aged 4 – 5 years old. The new section is all about making an impact and enabling new skills for life at a time when it matters the most.

On Saturday 28th May 2022, Gloucestershire Scouts held the first ever Squirrels event at Cranham Scout Centre bringing together Squirrels from all over the County. A first event to make new friends and incredible memories through fun and adventure.

"We all had a fantastic day! Well done on such a brilliant programme." Gillie, Squirrels Leader

Stories are a fundamental part of Squirrels, particularly at this age, so the theme for the day was inspired by the Julia Donaldson book, Stick Man, who goes on an unexpected adventure. Squirrels had the opportunity to make their own stick person out of natural materials and build a nest for their stick person to live in. Soft archery was organised where each Squirrel, many for the first time, were able to have a go at using a bow and arrow.

"We all had a wonderful day. Our squirrels asked when they could come again." - Kerry, Squirrels Leader

Scouting is designed for young people and through the Youth Shaped programme, lead by the Counties Youth Commissioners, Squirrels had the opportunity to have their say through a range of games to provide input into their programme.

"Squirrels are at the age where anything and everything is possible, their minds are unrestricted by the bounds placed on them by 
reason, as youth commissioners, alongside the leaders, we must tap into their limitless creativity to shape their
scouting journey."- Youth Commissioners.

Scouting wouldn’t be possible without the amazing volunteers and, sections like Squirrels, can only open and continue to develop skills for life if we had more adults volunteering. It doesn’t matter how much time you can spare or what skills you can offer, Scouting is open and inclusive to all. For opportunities please visit our volunteering opportunities.

Nic Coates – Assistant County Commissioner – Squirrels
Rishona Steward – Squirrels County Advisor