Funding Scouting in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire is able to provide two different types of funding. The support fund is there to enable people who need financial assistance to participate in Scouting. County funding is also available for programmes and activities that enhances the development of young people in the County.

County Funding

If you are considering to ask the Gloucestershire County Executive Committee for support towards a programme or activity that will enhance the development of the young people involved, then please read this briefing as it will give you guidance on what you can and cannot ask for and whether your bid will be successful.

If you require financial support, it is essential that you apply at least 12 months in advance of the event. This will enable the Executive Committee to set aside the necessary budget.

What you are going to do?

The County Executive Committee is keen to support events that will enable young people to achieve a specific goal especially where the opportunity is unlikely without this support. Expeditions such as Explorer Belt and international ventures are two examples where the Executive Committee would be interested in supporting. The County Executive Committee will not fund the entire event as they expect the participants to finance most of the costs through organised fundraising, personal contributions or a combination of both.

What can I ask for?

There are three areas that you can ask for funding:

  • To buy equipment that can join the Gloucestershire County stores after the event
  • Funding to supplement the costs that supporting adults attending the event may incur
  • Equipment that will be used to support Scouting in deprived communities (UK or abroad)

The County Executive Committee will not fund full costs, consumables or such expenses as insurance.

To apply for funds, please send an email to the relevant Deputy County Commissioner detailing:

  • What the funding is for
  • Why we need this in Scouting in Gloucestershire
  • The total cost of the item
  • The amount being requested in support from the county
  • Who else has been asked to support funding

This information will be reviewed by the DCC (see below), if considered appropriate, they will ask for the application to be discussed at the next available County Executive Committee meeting, which usually take place every two months.

Please note: You should not commit to funding if you have not been given formal confirmation in writing.

Relevant Deputy County Commissioners

  • Adult Training / Inclusion / Adult support – DCC People
  • Programme (6 – 25yrs) / Activities / Events / Permit training & qualification – DCC Programme
  • Community impact activities – DCC Perception
  • Growing Scouting / Other projects – DCC Projects

Support Funding

Gloucestershire County Scout Council aims to provide Scouting to as many people across Gloucestershire as is possible, regardless of ability, background or any other factor that makes us different from one another.

To this end, the County has created a fund that provides support to young people (or adults) facing financial hardship. The aim is to give every young person who wants the opportunity to be a Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer Scout or Network member the chance to do so, whatever their circumstances may be.

It is the view of Gloucestershire County Scout Council that Groups and, subsequently Districts, should be the first and second port of call for help for those families experiencing financial hardship. However, it is recognised that some Groups and Districts may, at times already have strains on their resources and thus, a County Support Fund is also available.

County Support Fund policy

County Support Fund application form

County event support

If you wish to run a county event (an event with participants from more than one district) then please refer to our Planning a County event page. Please contact our Assistant County Commissioner for Events if you would like support.

Trusts and Grants

Please note that all grant applications should be sent to the County Commissioner and District Commissioner (where relevant) for approval before being submitted to the potential funders.

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