Coronavirus (Covid-19) support page

Key Information for Volunteers and Parents

Before reading the information below, please ensure you’re up to date with the guidance available at and

In Gloucestershire, we want to provide guidance and support during these unprecedented times and while we plan to return to Face to Face Scouting. Check this page regularly, as it is being continuously updated with new information, ideas and content. 

Last updated: 26/01/20222 – 20:30

  • Update to GREEN from 27/01/2022

Please always check this website for the latest guidance on re-starting Scouting safely. There is lots of guidance on programme, protecting ourselves & others and premises.


From 00:01 on 27/01/2022 The current Scout Association Readiness level in Gloucestershire is: GREEN which means that all Scouting activities can resume so long as they are safe to do so and following the remaining guidance, please remember that all activities should still be managed in a COVID responsible manner.

No limit on group size, although all activities must be able to safely manage the risk of transmission of COVID and, if this is not possible, they must not take place.

For nights Away Risk Assessments must be carried out and documented to demonstrate how you will assess and manage the risk associated with Covid-19.  This must be submitted to your DC (or CC for County events) with your Nights Away Notification, 1 – 2 weeks before departure so that your DC has time to review and ask for amendments where necessary.


Read the Guidance for Leaders.


  • You can continue to deliver programme digitally.
  • There is no requirement to return to Face to Face Scouting if you feel your section / unit / group are not ready but please do inform your DC so that  you can get support to enable your young people to still receive programme. 

Please contact your District Commissioner if you have questions

Useful links:

Nights Away

Residential experiences can now be undertaken and usual Nights away guidance and rules apply, including:

  • Form NAN must be submitted.
  • Permits must be current
  • All adults staying overnight must have DBS and completed safety & safeguarding training. This will be checked by the DC.
  • You must submit a full Risk Assessment including how you will ensure it is Covid-safe with your form NAN

Please read all of the detailed additional guidance.

The following limits apply:

  • Don’t fill to maximum capacity.  Remember that confined spaces which are not well ventilated are more risky. Keep space between individuals and encourage sleeping head to toe.  
  • Ventilate extensively daily      
  • Have some air flow through overnight in all but the worst weather, eg: by opening vents.  Warn campers that they may need to take another layer of bedding or nightwear.       
  • Tidy daily. In particular, remove any used tissues, wipes, etc     
  • Good hygiene must be in place at all times.

Covid testing for Nights Away

Anyone 11 years old (12 years old in Scotland) or over attending a residential event is strongly encouraged to do a lateral flow test:  

  • immediately prior to departure (groups are advised to do these at the meeting point)     
  • every 48-72 hours throughout the trip     
  • at the end of the event before people return home.    

This applies to both young people and volunteers.  This will provide an extra level of control and reassurance for those taking part and will be updated based on advice from individual nations.   

Where someone has tested positive for COVID in the 90 days prior to the tests being undertaken (and are outside of their isolation period) they will not be required to undertake a lateral flow test in order to participate in the residential activities. 


Please check this guidance for more details

County virtual section meetings

We are very pleased to be able to announce that as a County we will shortly be running virtual section meetings for all young people, regardless of group or district that do not currently have access to regular remote Scouting.

To find out more, please visit this webpage


The Great Indoors

over 100 activities that young people can do with their parents / carers.



WOSM Activity

The teams at World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and UK Scout Headquarters are in the process of creating Programme ideas to support Scouts at home. Check here; and regularly.


County activities during lock down

Shirehike – 5th Dec – 14th March 2021

We have joined with Hereford and Worcester to bring Shirehike to our county. This Virtual walking festival gives you the opportunity to get into the great outdoors by taking part in local hikes. Anyone can get involved and you can earn badges for the hikes that you do.

Find out more here

You can see some of our previous activities here:


Other ideas 

On the right / below you will see other ideas that have been shared by you!

We want more of your ideas, if you have some please email

Scouts, first and foremost is about developing young people to become a positive influence on our communities.

Why not get involved in Care for Care homes where we can really make a difference to thousands of people across the UK.

Find out more here

Watch this introductory video from Ed Stafford

If you do take part don’t forget to record your action

All face to face training between now and the end of July has been cancelled or postponed.


We are now offering online classroom versions of the following courses:

  • Module 5 – Fundamentals of Scouting
  • Module 7 – Scouting for all
  • Module 11 – Administration
  • Module 12A – Delivering the quality programme
  • Module 14 – Supporting Young People
  • Module 15 – Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • Module 12B – Programme planning
  • Module 19 – International

Please visit the training calendar for Wood Badge courses or Safeguarding training.

Mandatory training
  • Safeguarding training can still be completed via elearning.
  • Safety training can also be completed by elearning.
  • GDPR Training can be completed by elearning.

With these please send a copy of your completion certificate to your TA or LTM / LTA to update your training records.

Getting started

Getting started training can still be completed

  • Module 1 can be completed on line here.
  • Trustee Information for Executives can be completed here.

Please send the certificate to your TA and arrange to validate your learning through conversation.

 We are working to develop solutions that will allow us to deliver more of the Core Modules and Young Leader training, remotely – Watch this space.

In these uncertain times it can be really easy to feel distant from those that we form great friendships with throughout Scouting. Being apart from our Scouting family can feel like a bereavement.

With a huge diversity of members across our County, some will stay in touch and connected via Social Media, some reliant on email and there will be some that do not use technology in the same way.

How can you keep in touch with each other to help them feel connected? Please think of those that have less confidence with technology.

At this time, it can be easy to let your own health and wellbeing slip. This is as important as the wellbeing of those we support. 

Guides and to support you and others


At this time, it is possible that we may experience the loss of friends, family, colleagues or others that we support in Safeguarding. 

There is some really useful support on the Scouts Website, please take some time to read this page on Bereavement support

Conducting meetings

The NCVO has published some useful guidance to help Executive Committees consider how they can best support Scouts locally during this time.

Also published this week is guidance for charities from the Charity Commission.

The Scout Association has approved an amendment to the standard constitutions in POR which allows meetings to be held remotely. It also allows decisions to be made electronically. This is valid immediately and will be updated in the next update to POR, in early April. The wording is as follows:

  • Electronic voting (such as email) is allowed for decision making of the County/District/Group Executive Committee and its sub-Committees when deemed appropriate by the Chair. In such instances at least 75% of committee members must approve the decision.
  • The County/District/Group Executive Committee & its sub-Committees can meet by telephone conference, video conference as well as face to face in order to discharge its responsibilities when agreed by the appropriate Chair.
It is recommended that all executives / sub-committees choose an appropriate tool that will enable you and your committees to meet. See the above tab for some examples.
Please see this guidance for AGMs
Managing premises
For those of us that own property you may be wondering how insurance is impacted. This page from Unity Insurance gives lots of clear guidance. 
There may be rate relief available for Scout premises, please contact your local authority for details.

Every so often we get sent information about how Scouting can apply for funds or grants. We will list them here for you to consider if they are appropriate or applicable to your section / unit / group or district.

Alternatively, check out this page where you can find many funders including:

  • Asda foundation
  • Biffa UK
  • CAF resilience
  • Co-op
  • Ecclesiastical
  • Princes countryside fund
  • Sport England
  • Tesco bags of help
  • The Foyle foundation
  • The National Lottery community fund

If you are struggling, please contact your DC as we have funds across Districts and the County that can support you. 


If you are seeking help for funding a refurbishment of a Scout Building, check out the bottom part of this page where there a numerous grants and trusts who can help. 


Check out this guidance on writing a funding application.

Cranham Scout centre is currently open for bookings.  You can use this amazing resource for great Scouting experiences.

Find out more at the Cranham Scout Centre website

They have been given a “We’re good to go” mark which is the official UK mark to signal that a tourism and hospitality business has worked hard to follow Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines and has a process in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.

If you have a bookings or questions please contact the management team on

Below are the related communications that have been received or sent in relation to Scouts and Coronavirus (Covid-19)

County update

Watch our latest update below. Subtitles are enabled.

If you were hoping to see / hear previous videos from our Youth Commissioners, the County Commissioner and team… 

Running programmes

Whether meeting remotely, indoors or outdoors we have got some ideas for you.
Start here by reading the Guidance for planning a safe and enjoyable programme. When you are ready you can start building your programme and there are loads of great ideas for all ages here:


As always there is information to help you consider how you can adapt your consider those that are vulnerable at this time.

Remote programme ideas

Here are ideas that have been shared by others.