Carole’s blog #2 – as we slowly come out of lockdown

As the lockdown starts to lift slightly, are you raring to get back out there or happy to stay put for a while longer? Were you first in the queue at Primark and John Lewis or did you cringe from your sofa at the thought?

There are no right or wrong answers on this as COVID and lockdown has affected everyone so differently. Many people may still be shielding on government advice and many others will have made the most of the ‘bubble’ scheme introduced in England last week.

Let’s try and be kind to each other whatever the choices people around us make. Try and support those around us, offer an ear to those who may be feeling dubious about venturing out or lonely as they still cannot visit friends and family. 

A friend who has been isolated may appreciate an invitation for a socially distanced walk, another may be happy to continue to use facetime or phone calls.

Over the coming months we will exploring how face to face Scouting will look as we observe government guidelines and safety practices. It will be a slow start and we will need to continue to be kind to ourselves and each other, not judging how we are coping on how we see others coping. 

We should remember that other areas of life outside of Scouting will be changing. Some people will likely still be working at home with children and other dependants present. We know this and we understand. 

Ensure that you take time for yourselves and for family but know that we are here for you.

If you need to talk then our MHFA’s are available or please contact any member of the County Senior Leadership Team. (Callum, Kat, Carole, Chris, Lauren, Liz or Mark)