Turning your plans into reality

So that’s the end of the plan month! We hope you had fun and learned new planning skills and ideas. We have had a story from a Beaver colony who have been working their way through the badges and would like to share what they have been up to! To read their story, click here.

We now hand over to our next youth commissioner team to introduce their Lead month…

It’s the third month, and it’s time to get your Lead hats on, as it’s time to really take lead of your scouting adventure! Taking Lead is all about taking ownership for an activity, welcoming a new person to your colony, or even leading the game that you designed, session you planned, or weekend away you shaped, and taking responsibility, with the help of an adult, for how it is done! 

Think back to lessons in school, or last term, or to a game of football on the weekend, because leading isn’t just about telling people what to do, or giving people a set of instructions, it’s as much about how you speak to others as it is the content you share! Presenting and speaking in front of people can be really difficult and challenging for some, but for others, they can love it! 

This month is your chance to really practice it, to put yourself out of your comfort zone, and really start building those skills which are going to help you in the years to come! What are you waiting for, go and lead your activities, go and shape your journey!

The Youth Commissioner Team