Carole’s Blog – One Year on

The past 12 have been tough. We have all faced so much change, sacrificed so much and for many of us faced a lot of heartache.
But we as a team would like to reflect on what we have achieved during what has been the hardest time for so many of us.

As a County, District and Group we have continued to provide amazing programmes for so many of our young people. This has only been achieved by the determination and resilience of our brilliant leaders and supporters. We have all had to learn how to use new digital technology, plan our programmes differently, use different communication methods whilst also looking out for our families, each other, neighbours, and people we had never spoken to or engaged with previously. All this whilst working from home, home schooling and keeping each other sane.

It hasn’t been easy, but we are so proud of you all. We have had to say goodbye to some fantastic leaders who have not survived the year, not in our usual ways but in new and innovative ways. Our membership numbers have dropped, but not dramatically, this is all down to you all.

Training has been completed by so many of you, wood badges have continued to be achieved and with 1st Response training now underway we are able to ensure that all renewals can be undertaken as well as new leader training. Our thanks to all the trainers, LTM’s, validators who have helped us to achieve what we have during these times.

So, what now?
We are now moving into yet another period of change. Face to face is coming back – “hooray!” we hear you say, and the good news is the number restrictions have been changed. Spring has now sprung, and the flowers, lighter mornings and evenings are helping to lighten our moods. We still need to produce risk assessments and plan our programmes but from the 12th April this will become easier.

Training will continue to be a blended offering. Face to face training will not commence until July at the earliest but we will continue to offer some online classroom sessions.

From 1st April there will be a new Inclusion team who will be looking at how they can support both young people and leaders to get the best experiences in Scouting throughout the whole of Gloucestershire. Districts will be encouraged to find an Inclusion champion to be the liaison with the County team.

We are also exploring Mental Health awareness courses for all adults in Scouting and further Mental Health First Aid courses so watch out for further news.

Finally, saying thank you never seems to be enough, but I and the rest of the County Team do thank you for all you have done and continue to do. We are here for you.

Continue to be kind and stay safe.


DCC People