World Suicide Prevention Day – 10th September

Over 6,000 people take their own lives every year. A sad fact that is well-known, hard to accept and hard to think about what we can do. 

The fact is we can all make a difference and we can all help reduce the devastating loss of a suicide. 

Individuals who have survived a suicide attempt have much to teach us about how the words and actions of others can be important, and many of them are now working as advocates for suicide prevention and have informed resources which are now readily available.

People are often reluctant to intervene, for many reasons, including a fear of not knowing what to say. It is important to remember, there is no specific formula. Empathy, compassion, genuine concern, knowledge of resources and a desire to help are key to preventing a tragedy.

Scouting is a family of people who care for one another and we need to look out for those who are not coping. Individuals
in distress are often not looking for specific advice. Sometimes, they just need the listening ear of someone with compassion,
empathy and a lack of judgement can help restore hope. Sounds like a perfect job for every adult that we know in Scouting.

Please take a minute to read this excellent resource that might help you, help someone, when all hope is lost.

Other resources:

  • RUOK? – The conversation that could change a life
  • Take 5 to save lives – become part of the worldwide movement that saves lives