Carole Blog #6                   

Summer Holidays are here!

Whilst many children have not been in school since the spring, the school summer holidays are now upon us.  Now is typically the time that many of us will be taking a greater proportion of our annual leave to enjoy the supposedly better weather and time with families and hopefully this year will still allow us all to do that, although what we can do with our time is restricted at the moment.

For those leaders with children, this holiday will be a little harder, as usual childcare option’s and holiday clubs may not be available.  We should all keep an eye out for signs of additional personal strain induced by juggling work and caring responsibilities – whilst juggling work and home school hasn’t been easy for many of us – juggling work and bored children is a different challenge!

If you are fortunate enough to be going away, please abide by government guidance with respect to protecting yourself and others, both while you are away and on your return.  If you are fortunate enough to be going abroad (which includes other parts of the UK!!) prepare yourself in advance for what you need to do if you, or somebody in your party, becomes unwell during your holiday – hopefully that plan never needs to be effected.

Whatever you are doing, try to relax, have fun and enjoy everything you do.

Happy holidays!