Cotswold Marathon 2020 vs Storm Ciara

I once again had the great honour of supporting the Cotswold Marathon for 2020, a flagship event that is run by Gloucester district and many, many supporters.

The afternoon started for me, way after everyone had started arriving to have their kit checked and their trackers issued. This is a really professional event that wants to make sure everyone stays safe, especially as Storm Ciara was only a few short hours away.

Once I had spoken to many of the young people taking part, I then got to commence the Countdown to the beginning of the event… 3… 2… 1… and off they went!

Walkers from all over the County, from Kent, Worcester, Hereford, Eastleigh, Swindon, Eynsham, Malmesbury and Bristol started their way across the hills on one of three routes.

Once again this year there were over 400 walkers supported by a massive support team of over 100! A huge thank you to everyone that helped run this event once again. 

If you are interested in taking part next year – the dates to put in your diary is the 6th / 7th February 2021.

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