First Response Training

We are pleased to be able to tell you that thanks to some excellent support from some of our volunteers we are able to tell you that we are now in a position to be able to offer you to complete your First Response Training in a number of different formats.

 You can complete your First Response Training by;

  • Attending a 6hr First Response course (Face to Face) – covers Module 10A and Module 10B.


  • Attending 3 x 2 hours (online session via Zoom) – covers module 10A only (you must complete a Module 10B Practical assessment to complete the training.


  • Attending 2 x 3hrs First Response course (Face to Face) – covers Module 10A and Module 10B.


  • Attending 3 x 2hrs First Response course (Face to Face) – covers Module 10A and Module 10B.


  • Completed the blended model offered by Hampshire Scouts comprising of
    • 2hrs Elearning module (via Hampshire Scouts website)
    • 2.5hr online session via Zoom (delivered by Hampshire Scouts)
    • Attend a 30min Module 10B Practical assessment (delivered by Gloucestershire Scouts)

To find out more about the Hampshire blended model please click here.

Note: You can only attend the Practical Assessment if you have completed all parts of Module 10A using either of the two blended learning methods above. (Options 1 and 5)

You can find all of the different types of delivered courses in the “Calendar & Bookings” section to see a list of available dates and slots. Click on the slot where there is a space available and complete the form to book your space. Please add this to your own diary at the same time.


Not quite finished the (3 x 2hr online session) blended learning model?

If you are one of the few who have not completed all three parts of the Gloucestershire Training model which included 3 separate online sessions, then you will soon be able to complete your journey.

You should only complete the journey using this approach if you have already completed 2 of the 3 required sessions. The sessions are:

  • Session 1 – Life Support

  • Session 2 – Trauma and Injury

  • Session 3 – Major Illness

Keep an eye on our “Calendar & Bookings” to see when dates become available.