Inducting adults

Tools and resources to help new adults to feel valued and supported.
“A good induction makes a real difference in ensuring that volunteers are able to contribute quickly and feel like a real part of local Scouting”.

Retention of all our members is really important to the sustainability and growth of Scouting; experience shows that where adults and young people enjoy and take pride in their Scouting, everybody benefits.

Adults volunteering for Scouting want to feel valued for the contribution that they make and this can be achieved using a strong welcome, induction and offering continued support throughout their time in Scouting.

Time invested in early stages can therefore settle a new volunteer, increase their contribution and allow all to share in the reward; young people, their parents, other adults in Scouting and the wider community.

In this section, we provide material covering the two aspects of Induction. Firstly, there is the line manager or their nominated deputy who will be responsible for setting out, shaping and supporting the new volunteer (inductee). A handy set of notes together with appropriate links makes this vital role a bit easier and clearer, especially if you are not familiar with all the aspects yourself.

Secondly, we provide some information for the new volunteer. Some key documents, video’s and other items to help you “on your way” over the first few months.

We hope that this material is useful – good luck.

Thanks to Somerset Scouts for helping us build this page