Camp and Trip Planning!

  • Split the section into groups – each of which will do one of the following and then rotate:
    • Choose a suitable camping spot/activity lodge/Trip location to go to.
    • Choose the best method to travel to an activity considering cost/sustainability
    • Activity choices – what do you want to do on the camp/trip
    • Selecting food for the camp/trip
    • Required equipment
  • Each group should share their ideas with the wider section
  • Beavers:
    • Can be given choices out of pre chosen appropriate options
  • Cubs:
    • Guided by Leaders and YLs to make appropriate choices and think about options
  • Scouts/Explorers:
    • Provide autonomy to the groups and have a leader point of contact to have discussions
Prompting questions
  • Where would you like to go for camp?
  • How would you get to the activity?
  • Are there new camp activities you would like to try?
  • Why have you made your choices?
  • What support might you need to run the camp/trip?
  • How many people could attend your camp/trip?

Section: All

Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Young People: Any

Can lead to a camp or trip that ticks off parts of adventure and outdoor challenges.

  • Pen & Paper/Whiteboard
  • Maps, cost sheets
  • Activity book
What next?
  • Bring the plans forward and run then
    • Young people can lead these trips/camps in Scouts & Explorers