Gloucestershire Scouts support day
for our Amazing Adults - Saturday 19th September

As a volunteer adult, you are amazing, you run programmes, you keep young people safe and at this time in particular we recognise that you are working incredibly hard.

Scouts help each other so we would like to offer some practical support and advice to help you in your role, regardless of what it is. Whether it is about delivering engaging, inclusive and safe programmes, or having an alternative time to do some training or validation, this day is dedicated to you, our amazing Volunteers.

Take a look at the opportunities below.

Adult support seminars

Take part in our drop-in, interactive Zoom sessions with members of the County team, where you can learn about or discuss a range of useful topics.

Hosted by: Mark Spiller

What is it?: Come and ask your questions to the CC, share your thoughts or just have a virtual cuppa and chinwag.

When: 19/9/20 10am – 11am

Zoom details

Hosted by: Chris Meadows (DCC Programme), Ruthie Stennett (ACC Cubs)

What is it?: Join Chris and the team for a post lunch chinwag. Share your key programme tips and what has worked for you, also discuss what challenges around programme you may be facing over the next 6 months.

When: 19/9/20 1pm – 2pm

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Hosted by: Kat Holter (County Youth Commissioner)

What is it?: Chat with Kat about how you can keep motivated and upbeat when using online meetings for programme as well get some ideas to help you do them in future.

When: 19/9/20 4:30pm – 5:30pm

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Hosted by: Adam Griffiths (ACC Activities), Liz Orchard (ACC Top Awards) & Ash Freeman (ACC Events)

What is it?: Come and wind down at our “Risk workshop” campfire where you can discuss any risk assessment questions you might have including the process to get approval to restart Scouting safely.

When: 19/9/20 8pm – 9pm

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Please note all sessions will begin at the advertised start time. If nobody attends in 15 minutes, the host will end the meeting.