We need you - Enabling activities for more people!!

We think we are all in need of some positivity at the moment and as such we have some Exciting News!

We have now formally established the Gloucestershire Scout Activities Support Unit (SASU).

The purpose of the SASU is to support Young People and Adults in undertaking activities (for fun), permit training and permit assessments across the County.

The SASU needs a manager – could this be you or someone you know? Ideally we would like someone who doesn’t have other roles so that they can focus on establishing the SASU, however, applications are open to anyone over the age of 18 so please contact us to discuss further if you are interested.

The Manager is responsible for the management, leadership and day-to-day running of the SASU. They will work under the Leadership of the ACC – Activities, alongside the MAPS to support the provision of permit assessments and provide Line Management of the Skills Instructors. The Manager will ensure the SASU agreement is reviewed annually to ensure that the targets set are being accomplished.

Should you wish to apply for the role, or have a discussion about it, please contact